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Infant Program


Age: 6 weeks- 24 months

Areas of Learning: 

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Sensory

  • Socialization

  • Language and literacy

Our Infant Program is designed to accommodate full and part-time care for our youngest learners. We will encourage your child to grow and explore at his/her own pace, while sticking to your “home schedule”. Our skilled teachers use an individualized approach to respond appropriately to your infant’s development. Our infant room provides positive stimulation to promote the physical, emotional, and cognitive development that your baby requires.

Program Overview

  • Tummy Time

  • Teacher to child socialization as well as child to child socialization

  • Baby Sign Language

  • Hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity building

  • Introduction of textures and colors

  • Songs and instruments

  • Introduction to literacy and vocabulary through reading aloud, puppet shows and other printed materials (ie. flashcards)

Baby Boy

Toddler Program


Age: 2 years old

Areas of Learning:

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Socialization

  • Self- regulation

  • Language and learning

The toddler program at KLTP Family Daycare is designed to promote independence and social skills development among our blooming learners. Our skilled teachers create an inviting space for your child to experience emotional, physical and cognitive growth. We want our toddlers to leave this program with a sense of independence, so they’re ready for preschool and beyond.

Program Overview:

  • Whole and small group activities

  • Teacher to child socialization as well as child to child socialization

  • Music, instruments and dancing

  • Sensory play

  • Puppet shows

  • Role Playing

  • Indoor and outdoor activities

  • Family style mealtime

  • Spanish and Sign language

  • Phonics

  • Introduction to numbers and the alphabet

Preschool Program


Age: 3-5 years old

Areas of Learning:  

  • Reading and writing

  • Science and Math

  • Socialization and Self-Regulation

  • Art and Music

  • Fine Motor Skills Development

Our preschool program is designed to give your child foundation learning in preparation for Kindergarten. Our skilled teachers will provide your child with a fun environment to learn, grow, and build social connections.

Program overview:

  • Respects rights, property, and feelings of others

  • Shows and feels pride in accomplishments

  • Tries to regulate emotions and articulates feelings in words

  • Can dress self and properly use the bathroom

  • Holds and uses crayons, pens, and pencils using the correct grip and form.

  • Hop, jump, run and walk backwards

  • Understands positional language (ie. under/over and in/out)

  • Engages in role-playing

  • Teacher to child socialization as well as child to child socialization

  • Counts 1-20 with ease

  • Able to identify all 26 letters of the alphabet

  • Indoor and outdoor activities

  • Song, instruments, and dance

  • Circle time

  • Sensory play

  • Puppet shows, puzzle, and blocks

  • Field trips (when possible)

Toddler with Toys
Kids in Preschool
School Age Program


Age: 6-12 years old

Areas of Learning:

  • Virtual Learning Support

  • Homework Assistance

  • Crafts


KLTP Family Daycare’s school age program is great for learners that aren’t ready to stay home alone. We will provide a supportive classroom setting that encourages socialization, growth and support.


Program Overview:

  • Snacks

  • Free play

  • Crafts

  • Puzzles

Kids in Art Class
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